About Us

We strive to be a bold, action-oriented, and inclusive network working to ensure critical new technology reaches Medicaid enrollees and other traditionally disadvantaged populations $1,000 loan same day. We bring payers, providers, patients, policy makers and innovators to a communal table, collaborating to forge innovative solutions that solve real problems faced by Medicaid enrollees and the network that serves them. Founded in 2018, HealthTech 4 Medicaid (HT4M) is a nonprofit program.

What We Do

  1. Hosting round table events that bring stakeholders from across the sector together to learn from one another and collaborate on innovative solutions that can make real impact.
  2. Providing industry insights on a wide range of Medicaid-related topics that help our members further their mission of creating stronger Medicaid programs.
  3. Events at industry conferences that add experiential value and opportunities for connection amongst Medicaid stakeholders in less formal settings.
  4. Education programs such as Q&A sessions with members of our Expert, Medicaid Director Council, and Patient & Family Council.
  5. Policy Advocacy with a goal of creating a healthy environment for Medicaid innovation and better care for Medicaid enrollees.